Facebook Business Page quirks

Welcome to my first post. It is about web stuff, web development, social media, SEO and more… basically all that stuff in the digital industry.

Anyway, if you deal with Facebook on a business level, chances are you have googled for a problem you are experiencing and found the support wanting and the answers lacking. Such is life with a behemoth of a company whose final goal is to bring you in and ring you dry…

So, why am I writing about this? Today is why. Today a client of mine got a message from a local chamber of commerce. They want to share a post from my client’s page, but got this message.

I got a call and they were perplexed… they wondered why this was occurring when last week, sharing their page post worked fine.

The only difference was the fact that we are now using FB business to manage their page…

So I took it upon myself to find out – without thinking about if my client wanted me to charge for this or not… of course I didn’t. How could I? These problems look like my problem and not Facebook’s so unfortunately, at least for this time… I bare the burden.

  1. I noticed that my client set this post up. That is normal as I don’t.
  2. I went through all the settings of the page and found nothing different or incorrectly ‘set’. Strange…
  3. I tried sharing to one of my pages – since I am admin on both, surely I can. No… same error. Stranger….
  4. Googled some work-arounds that don’t work anymore… saving the post, sharing with personal account… sending the post via messenger then sharing. None work anymore.
  5. I tried editing and saving the post. No, the edit remained, the originator of the post was still there and it was still not “shareable”.
  6. I tried making posts on my other pages and sharing them across my own pages. Yep, of course it worked. But why not my client’s page post? – “Page post” sounds weird. This was getting to be frustrating and something seemed broken… very broken…
  7. LASTLY, I tried remaking the whole post from me. Since I knew I could do this on other pages,  surely it would be worth a test. I created the same post on my client page (I am an admin) and then shared it to a page of mine that was previously denied… SUCCESS! Success… why?

I am still stumped at this point but I am starting to think that perhaps it has to do with the personal settings of my client on her personal Facebook account… AND this might not be the case on all accounts.

I have been asked by my client to drop in some time and see if we can fiddle around with their settings to see if we can effect the privacy setting for them posting to their own page.

As I said at the beginning, Facebook as an app or SASS or web service is huge and multifaceted and built on top of existing software (written by Facebook), that sits on top of technology, which relies or sits on even more technology. There are going to be strange events such as this and well… even if we say a company employs X number of programmers with X amount of budget etc… chances are that a) this does not occur very often and b) they see this as an outlier problem – one that they frankly don’t care enough about. There is also possibly a c) That this is in the list of rectifiable problems that will be solved via a huge future update that we don’t know about or when it will be implemented.

Ok, that is as far as I go for absolving Facebook of any sins – current or otherwise.

I will add my findings in another post when I have a fiddle with my client’s personal account.